FALCON II EXTREME dragon boat paddle

Blade size:
Metal tips:
Delivery time: 7d

 Excellent Dragon Boat paddles made to specification 202a and approved by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) and sets the high standard for a Dragon Boat paddle. This paddle is used by professionals during official IDBF races but is also available to enthusiast paddlers.

New EXTREME version available from 2018. We present a higher quality product due to the more advanced production process. With the use of special material, we obtained even a lower weight of the paddle with the same amount of carbon fibre an epoxy resins used. Designed with Monocoque technology which dismisses the need for any additional connections between blade and shaft. Grips the water especially well. Available with QNECT.

We are the first brand on the market to use an adjustable QNECT system that complies with IDBF standards. The QNECT system allows us to easily and quickly regulate the length of the paddle - without compromising its balance or weight. A paddle with the QNECT system only weighs 20g more than a paddle without one.